3 Mistakes Beginners Make When First Learning Java and Android Development

When first learning programming in java it can be hard to grasp the java programming basics needed to become a competent coder.

I get it.

I was (and still am) a beginner to coding and I struggled heavily in the beginning to make progress.

Eventually, I stuck through the process and learned Java basics in 1 month and Android development in 2 months with a program called Team Treehouse…

…but I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

This post will be about the 3 biggest mistakes I made when first learning to code and how you can avoid them.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes that beginners make when they are first learning Java and Android Development:

1.) Neglecting Existing Libraries

As a beginner to coding, you should use all the resources available to you…

A library, in programming terms, is a collection of code that is often consolidated to perform a very specific task.

These are basically “done-for-you” programs that perform tasks to solve problems

Libraries are often open-source (open and free to the world to reproduce, modify, and distribute)

So, the biggest point about libraries is that they offer existing and proven solutions to problems/challenges coders face.

This can be relating to handling images, network communications in an app….anything.

Why solve a problem that has already been solved and tested by thousands of people?

Here’s what’s great about libraries:

  1. They are easy to implement
  2. They solve problems effectively
  3. They save you the time and struggle of making a weak solution to an already-solved problem

On top of not using libraries, beginners to programming are often found…

2.) Not Using Cheap/Free Resources

Learning to code doesn’t have to be expensive…

While I personally don’t recommend using only free resources to learn coding, it can be very beneficial to learn programming from free sources

Things like:

There are thousands of free resources online that you can use.

Information these days can be found anywhere online and it’s your job to go out there and access that knowledge.

Although I can say that paying for courses has these advantages:

  1. You get quality instruction that is comprehensive
  2. You get premium support and access to forums as member of most online code schools
  3. All the information you need is in one place
  4. You get much more depth into your respective topic

I personally have been a member of Team Treehouse for years and I don’t regret a dime I’ve spent.

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Finally, the most common (and damaging) things that new coders neglect are…

3.) Memory Leaks

Memory leaks are one of those “meh…” things when learning to program as a beginner but they are critically important to understand…

Whenever a program runs on a computer, phone, tablet, etc…

…it needs to reserve system memory for itself so that it can operate properly.

Memory leaks are basically when a program makes that claim on memory space, but doesn’t release it when the program no longer needs the memory locations.

The thing about programming is that some of the time memory leaks are not automatically handled…

you have to handle them yourself.

Automatic memory management is used in java, which can be great when you know what you are doing because you do not need to worry about memory usage.

But things still can happen and sometimes memory leaks can happen in any Android apps you develop (after learning Java)

Memory leaks can be a huge problem since they can cause the program or application to crash or not work after a time period.

They can also cause lag in the application when the code is trying recall information that was deleted already.

There are ways to fix memory leaks, but you may not know where the memory leak is coming from.

The problem here is that when you begin learning to code…you won’t even know what a memory leak is.

When I started to learn java I had no idea how a computer was built and how software worked with hardware to solve problems.

I don’t want to belabor this topic but it’s crucial that you learn from a place that understands beginners very well and possible mistakes they may make.

Picking the best place to learn to code is essential in becoming successful at java, android, or any programming language you learn.

Which causes you to wonder…

So What Is The Best Place To Learn Programming As A Beginner?…

java programming for beginners best online coruse

I’m not going to rant here, but I’m assuming that if you’ve read this far that you really want to learn how to code.

You do? No? Yes? Oh…you’re an alien…ok.

Anyway, I’m just going to get it out of the way here, but if you want to learn how to code online then here is your best bet.

Team Treehouse.

That’s it.

Yep…Team with a big housey-tree.

I’m being totally honest when I say I learned Java Basics in 1 month with them and Android app development in 2 months.

These are also certainly not “easy” subjects either.

I learned so fast because the way Treehouse teaches coding is awesome.

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They offer thousands of instructional videos to their students and teach every major coding language there is out there

They also offer your first 7-days free and if you are a student you get 50% off…

…then I thought “What’s the catch here”?

I’m cheap as hell so I said f**k it and I tried the first 7-days with the intent to cancel my subscription.

Long story short, I never canceled and I still study Java programming to this day.

So get a jumpstart to your programming career with Treehouse and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Good luck out there my friend…

…go make some sexy a** programs.



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