4 Tips To Learn Java Programming As Fast As Possible As A Beginner

Now, there are a lot of skills that you’d need if you want to be a successful software developer, but in today’s dynamic environment, learning programming for Java can be very beneficial.

Most university courses and AP Computer Science courses are taught in the programming language of Java…

…I know this from experience since I learned Java and Android with Treehouse and my AP Computer Science class was a breeze.

You can continue on to do android app development with your java skills or just build java applications alone.

This is particularly important if you want to start off your professional path as soon as possible.

Anyway, looking back to when I learned Java and Android development I made a lot of mistakes that I believed would speed up my learning process…

…but they actually slowed down my learning and impeded my growth as a coder overall.

Here are 4 tips that you can use to learn java programming fast as a complete beginner while avoiding common mistakes:

1.) Don’t Rush To Learn Programming

Even though it might sound a bit confusing – this is absolutely critical.

If you want to learn java fast, you need to take your time in understanding the overall coding logic.

Kind of contradictory, but the more you take your time, the faster you will learn the very basis of the programming language.

If you manage to handle this and actually understand how things are aligned logically, you will be able to learn java fast.

If you rush through the first few lessons, thinking that this is easy, you will have trouble later on as your foundation won’t be solid.

Also, when learning java online as a beginner, you must…

2.) Pay Attention to Mistakes

Small mistakes accumulate overtime…

If reading this you have likely never coded before or you are a beginner to programming in general.

In order to understand how to learn java online, you need to make sure that you take your time.

It is natural to overlook the “small” mistakes you make at first when learning, but they soon snowball into great deficiencies

You will make a lot of mistakes – a lot of them. This doesn’t need to discourage you or something of the kind – it needs to motivate you. Every single mistake is a lesson that you need to learn from.

This doesn’t need to discourage you – it needs to motivate you.

Every single mistake is a lesson that you need to learn from and fix properly so that you have reinforced the lesson in your mind.

Make sure that when you learn to code java (or any programming language) that you…

3.) Cover Every Lesson Thoroughly

It is common for people to skip lessons they “already know”, but you must try your best to avoid this.

Even if you have some knowledge in the subject matter, you need to ensure that you don’t skip any part of a lesson’s section.

Regardless of whether you think it’s easy or not, you should go through it just in case.

I personally did this when I did Team Treehouse to learn Java and Android.

I’d skip exercises or code challenges that I thought “weren’t important” and it’d burn me later on down the road…

…I’d have to go back and relearn what I had skipped and it just sucks.

So make sure that you learn all programming lessons thoroughly from your learning medium of choice and remember to…

4.) Schedule a Time to Code Everyday

Build a habit out of coding everyday…

This is absolutely critical.

In order to make sure that you become a true professional, you should understand that the key to learn java fast is through endless repetition.

That’s just it – there are no other ways around it.

If you want to become a great developer, you need to code – a lot.

Team Treehouse helped me with this a lot because it actually segments its learning tracks into daily lessons…

…then it emails you every day the exact lessons that you need to do to finish the course by a certain date.

This gave me the consistency to learn Java basics in 1 month and in 2 months I made my first Android app myself

==> You can read about my experience learning Java & Android Online here

And I actually give a full tour of the Treehouse member’s area updated for 2017…

So Is It Possible To Learn Java or Coding As A Beginner?…


You can be 10, 15, 30, 80, for all I care and learning to code is still a possible for you.

It’s all about how many hours you put into it and how passionate you are about solving problems

If you put in the work and learn to love the process then it will be easy for you to learn how to program.

If you put your mind to anything, you can certainly achieve it and Treehouse make learning to code very simple and straight-forward

I put my mind to the process and I had employable skills in 3 months, and you can do the exact same.

==> I Talk More About Treehouse Here & Show You Their Java and Android Courses

Take action and give treehouse a try, I know you’ll love it


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