How Long Does It Take To Learn To Code For Java & Android?

I often see this question asked in Quora and other forums so I thought that’d I’d address it right here in a post.

But let me first start this article with a really cliche, but very relevant quote to this topic:

“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti – philosopher, speaker, and writer

You can never learn all of a topic whether you are a beginner at Java programming or an expert at Android app development.

We should rather ask a more important question that will be more useful to a beginner who wants to learn how to code Java or Android (or any language for that matter):

“How long will it take to get a fundamental grasp of Java/Android Development basics so that I can have the acute ability to intelligently direct my learning to expand my expertise to the best of my abilities.”

NOW THAT IS A REAL QUESTION! (I’m such a long-winded person…maybe I just love to hear myself talk…I mean type…)

online java and android course

This is not me sadly…

That question does have an answer and we can simply calculate it based on the amount of work you are willing to do daily.

As a disclaimer, I’m no expert at Java programming, but I have been doing Java on and off for 2-3 years and Android development for about 10-11 months (rough estimates).

In this timespan, I’ve gone from complete beginner to a proficient coder that knows where and how to solve most problems that arise.

I learned with a website called Team Treehouse which I review here, but that isn’t what this article is about…

…This should be the first goal of any beginner who wants to learn to code Java: proficiency.

Once you can navigate the development environment you use and read Java fluently a lot of doors open for you.

You can build new things, use other people’s code to expand on your own, and join the worldwide movement of the language you’re learning.

Sounds cool and all, but let me answer this article’s question directly:

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Code Java & Android?

Note: Java is the language use primarily to code Android applications and it is the default language used in Android Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) for Android apps.

Java’s use in Android programming is kind of different that traditional Java. Think of it this: compare English 200 years ago to what it is right now. They’re the same language, but just different words and uses of words. I’m so good at analogies…

So assuming that you are an Earthling like me, you have roughly 24 hours in each of your days.

8 are taken by sleep, 8 by work or school, 1-2 by food, and let’s just say 1-2 for miscellaneous reasons.

This leaves you 4-6 hours per day of free time (unless you have an event or work outside of work/school) weekdays and way more on the weekends.

Assuming you use all of them like I did when I began to learn, it’ll take you about 1-1.5 months to get a solid basis in Java.

best java online course team treehouse review

This will be your computer in 1-2 months…forget sleep…

This means that you will be able to read, write, translate, drink……Java.

You’ll have the skills to then tackle Android development if that is what you want to do.

Let’s continue as if you were me…

…at this point, you are about 1-1 1/2 months into learning coding and you have a decent amount of Java under your belt.

From here I joined the Team TreeHouse Android beginner course (my personal favorite place to learn beginner Android) and got to work.

I had my first sh***y app up in about 2 weeks of starting the Android course with TreeHouse.

This was back when Android development was all one course at Treehouse.

Now it is split into beginner and intermediate learning tracks.

Anyway, now that I’ve answered your question let’s wrap this up…

Where Can I Go To Learn How To Code Java/Android FAST Starting TODAY?

Now that you have a good idea of the amount of time it takes to get the basics of a coding language down, let’s get you and android programming for beginners

Remember how I mentioned Team Treehouse?

Well, they actually teach more than Java and Android.

They have thousands of videos and they teach over 30+ coding language tracks…

…but I personally chose to roll with Java since it’s the language used in most college Computer Science courses.

==> Click Here To Learn How I Learned Java Online In Just Over 1 Month

The link above is to my review of Team Treehouse. I go into deeper detail on my personal story and what it takes to learn Java & Android development.

java programming for beginners best online coruse

I recommend you check that article out as I go over some useful tips for beginners trying to learn how to code online and how to get the most out of whatever online course you choose.

Anyway, I have to go and extinguish a CPU fire from overclocking my processor…

==> I Talk More About My Journey Learning To Build Android Apps Here

In the mean time, keep yourself out of trouble young coder…

…the world is depending on you.


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