5 Interesting Traits All Java & Android Programming Beginners Have

Learning to program can be many things all at the same time:

  • Exciting
  • Frustrating
  • Time-consuming
  • Creative
  • Boring
  • Joyful
  • And much more…

But after about 2 years of on and off Android and Java development experience I have noticed some common traits programmers have.

Something they all share that makes learning to code effortless for them…

…Here are 6 such traits that you will find in most Java programming beginners and coders alike:

1.) Patience

While making money is a great motivation, you will realize with most beginners to programming in Java, this is not a key priority.

They tend to be patient enough to learn as much as they can because they understand when their passion lies in money, then this will eventually fade off, and they might end up hopping from one career to another.

Frustration is one of the key elements in getting your introduction to Java, and every beginner learns this, one way or the other.

Being patient is a key trait of coders to overcome that initial hump until it eventually “clicks” for them.

2.) Courage

Learning a new coding language can be quite scary and confusing.

However, when beginners start to understand the language, it becomes an easy flow.

As long as you know how to go about it, it can be an enriching and fun process.

But the ability to overcome that initial fear to learn something new is common to most beginners to coding.

As a beginner, you might be frustrated, but the courage to venture into bigger challenges will drive you to keep going

This is what will help you learn how to program in Java, and grow in this profession.

3.) Love Challenge


When beginners to coding see their first line of code it can be a very intimidating thing.

Ideas will escape you, code will explode in your face, and you will be lost generally 80% of the time to start.

But the thing about great coders is that they love this in a love-hate kind of way

They love overcoming challenge and solving problems they never thought they could overcome before.

This is further augmented by the fact that great coders have a…

4.) Passion For Logic

You will notice with most beginners in programming that they have great passion and enthusiasm.

This is what keeps driving them through the intimidation and initial frustrations.

Their zeal for logical thinking instantly makes ideas “click” in their mind and they can really see the bigger picture overtime.

This is something that either comes naturally to people (like to me) or just happens over time

know for a fact that learning to code java has made me a thorough and systematic thinker on so many levels.

The same happens to other learning to code…it’s just something that has to happen for you to become successful at programming.

To be great at programming you also have to have a lot of…

5.) Creativity

Some of the best programming works are a result of the creativity of beginners.

Many people learn to code because they have that one creative project that they’ve always wanted to work on.

The ability to code allows them to have 100% control over the process of making their idea a reality.

This was the case with me since when I learned to code Android apps I have like 5 app ideas I wanted to pursue.

Programming is like solving a puzzle, and there are many ways of accomplishing it.

Creativity will often get the task done in a very simplistic, yet effective manner.

Everyone has creativity in them and learning to program allows you to get that metaphorical “paintbrush” so you can “paint” your visions.

And is so satisfying to see what was a vision for so long become reality right in front of your eyes due to hardwork and dedication.

So Where Can I Go To Learn To Code Java, Android, or whatever?…

By far the best way to learn java online for me was with Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is an online code school that offers thousands of videos and teaches every coding language under the sun.

Videos are the best way to learn to program online since you can:

  1. Speed them up to learn faster
  2. Passively learn without as much effort
  3. Go back and relearn things by “bookmarking” troubling spots (Treehouse’s videos let you do this)

Their 7-day free trail allows you to learn java online free and once your 7-day trial is over you can get 50% off if you are a student (that’s what I did).

I always wondered how to learn to code java and Team Treehouse made this possible for me.

I went on to make about 5 android apps after 3 months of learning and I honestly can say that it was an enriching experience.

==> See My Complete Treehouse Review Here

Check out that link above and at least hear me out about Treehouse since out of 3 different courses I tried, nothing came close to Treehouse

Good luck out there fellow coder…


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